Thursday, November 18, 2010

Never Ending Days

Yesterday, or should I say today?, I do not know now when was the last time I actually enjoyed a good long night's sleep. My bed seems like a foreign object in my room.This last week however has been specifically terrible, I've spent long nights at the library, with lots of coffee and chocolate. They are truly my best friends now.
Still, my torture does not end till the quarter is over--I will have to spend my thanksgiving studying and catching up with all my work.

But I am thinking about what I want to accomplish for the few weeks of winter quarter that are to come
1. study arabic
2. organize my notes
3. clean out my closet
4. read a book--any suggestions?

We will see if that happens.
But now I will just share pictures of home away from home:


  1. lol i think chocolate has always been ur best friend lol, jk. :o i was with u when u lost ur "cabeza" in the library lol. it was.... intense lol i never knew how protective u were with ur chocolate lol jk

  2. Love in the time of cholera...I heard it was good.. me and mrs white where reading it, but since we have such busy schedules we didn't get to finish it..LOL


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