Thursday, December 2, 2010

Apple Cider Days

I'm just days away from being home again and not having to worry about tests, papers, projects, homework or whether we are going to have enough meal points. Just days away! Yet I wish I had a bit more time to actually be able to get everything done with a little more calm. Even sleep is kind of a "waste of time" terrible to say!
Besides that, the weather has dropped a bit (I mean, I'm from socal, 60 degrees is pretty cold for me--I might be exaggerating but I prefer warmer weather either way.) I just need some relaxation soon or I will collapse!
Also today it's supposed to rain, not very good news to those of us with curly hair. :/

And, as Christmas approaches...has anyone bought Christmas presents yet? Sad to say I already feel my wallet twitching in pain at the thought of Christmas presents and textbooks for next quarter.

 But the one thing that has made my day today is the apple cider that one of my bosses made at work! Oh so sweet! Perfect for a stressed mind and cold days. Thank you!

shirt: charlotte russe
hat: forever 21
jeggins: forever 21
mocs: thrifted
cardigan: old navy

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  1. cider??? :-o oh dang ur boos is like mr bean from fantastic mr. fox, he makes his own cider!!! yay call ur boss mr. b!!!! does he also breed his own turkeys? ...


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