Monday, December 13, 2010

"Curiouser and Curiouser" cried Alice

    Reading: Alice in Wonderland    Listening: New Slag, The Shins
    It feels good to come back home with the family after months full of stress. It's a good time to relax, posts blogs, and listen to some good music! Not to mention that the weather in LA for the last two days have been exquisitely sunny and warm!
Now that the year is coming closer to the end I feel like I should start thinking of New Year's resolutions. Although I still don't know the things that would be in my "must-accomplish" list. I have a couple of weeks to decide :)
December always makes me want to reflect on my year.

Christmas is coming!! and I still don't know whether to wear my dress from TULLE or some comfy jeggins and such. Decisions decisions! which reminds me that I really want to make a good thrifting trip before this year ends!

And because I'm in the mood for reflection I just want to say a couple of things: thank you to all my friends for making life better to bear with! I hope our "foursome"--in the innocent context of the word--will always laugh at silly jokes (sorry Mario) and the not-so-appropriate things we say!! Ches, let's continue singing--even if my voice cracks lol. JS and Mario, you guys are the best, truly.

My family, that although sometimes dysfunctional, makes me who I am.

And my high school friends too! hugs to everyone--you guys were there through a lot of things! thank you!!

and my fluffy dog Nube!!! for being as furry and sweet as ever!

Dress: Tulle
Shoes: High heels: Nordstrom (thrifted)
          flats: thrifted


  1. I LOVE IT. one of your best posts with even more amazing pics!

    damn you have an eye for vintage and i swear you and your dog are sweethearts! December really is the time to reflect on the year. the year that has passed and the year that is to come. what do want to remember? what is better left forgotten? What are we looking forward to the most in 2011? What changes are gonna happen (because they inevitably happen) yet again? Who will we become next year. What will we be like one year from today. Where are we going. What do we do. So many questions that you're not alone in asking. We gots to be ready no matter what:) and i know you'll only get stronger laura <3

  2. P.S. New Slang by the Shins is HOT btw:)

  3. hey r u apologizing for the jokes to come? oh god i think my voice just cracked. hey my lil sis has jeggins too :) muahahahahahahaha u to have nice picks :) awww that bit about me and jon just made my heart grow by that much (holding thumb and index finger together) lol i cant wait till i get that pregnant feeling after christmas :)


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