Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who are you?

It's a long weekend, and I have been doing a lot of cleaning. I've also been slow with outfit posts. Sorry.
I want to share a couple of things with you guys:
1. I got these gorgeous shoes online. I just got them two days ago, still haven't worn them because I want to make an outfit post when I do! They have this lacey accent that just makes them gorgeous. I was so happy to see them online, I've been looking for shoes like these but shoe-size is always a problem. I love whoever posted these shoes on ebay. I've been eying another pair, but I really want to go thrifting before I decide to spend my money on another pair of shoes. 

2. I straightened my hair. funny that even when it's "straight" I have big hair. This is officially the first time I (with my own hands and my handy blow drier) straighten my hair. I am happy with the results. What do you guys think? I think it's kind of time consuming to make this a routine. But it's worth a try


  1. YAY for those awesome new shoes! And I be liking the straight hair, it's just not the Laura I know xD heehee but it looks good! How long did it take you? Hope you're having a good Sunday so far!

    lots of love,

  2. LOL you know, I think you got big hair bc you did it with the blow dryer XD


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