Sunday, February 6, 2011

If You Want

I've been wanting to add new features to my blog. Besides figuring out giveaways and such, I also want to add a new feature-with you guys' help of course.
The idea is to bring in whatever stylish guy friends you guys have and feature them here.
How did I come up with this? Someone asked me why my blog is only about girl things, so let's switch it up a bit. :) I'll see how this works, and if it's good it will continue.

So send me ( a picture of your stylish guy, a little "about me" about them, and your relation to the guy so I can link back to your blog, etc. (And if you're the guy who's submitting your picture--that's welcome too!)


  1. Thats and awesome idea Laura!!! I just might send a picture of my "stylish" self hahah!

  2. for sure!! ill be waiting for ur entry!!!

  3. aw, I would totally submit my boyfriend (who I think is the most stylish guy in the world!) but he would never in a million years let me >:/ maybe I should just do it and not tell him though ;)


  4. this sounds like a very interesting topic! good luck!


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