Monday, February 14, 2011

It rains, and it's Valentine's day

The title sounds really depressing, but it's not. Valentine's day isn't only for those who have a special someone--romantically speaking. I see it as a day to love yourself, and to appreciate the beautiful things in life--and the beautiful people around you, and of course beautiful you.
The greatest gift for me, today, was being able to reconnect with my half-brother, who I haven't seen in almost a decade. It was such a good feeling, and I can't describe how happy I am! I've made to reconnection with siblings I haven't seen since I was 10! Much love to my hermana and my hermano!

So it rained on Valentine's day, and I think the rain is a sign of washing away the sadness of other times. I'll look at it in a positive way!

Much love too all of my readers, Happy Valentines Day--and give yourself a nice Valentines present :)

outfits: coat: ross skirt: thrifted tights: forever 21 shoes: ebay blouse: ross (sweater dress worn as a blouse) necklace: butterfly necklace (thrifted)


  1. I SO agree with you! Love is all around and in everything! :)

    Your pictures are very artistic...I LOVE your umbrella!

  2. cute coat!!
    happy valentine's dayy :)

    u look so cool in that umbrella, reminds me with gossip girl:)

  3. i have an umbrella very similar and i LOVE it!
    hope you had a great valentine's day!

  4. that's a great way to look at it. i'm glad that you were able to reconnect with your brother!

  5. Hello, thanks so much for your lovely comment + follow. Great to meet your blog, it's lovely and you have a fab sense of style. Love your outlook on Valentines Day, so well said! xx veronika


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