Monday, March 28, 2011

Start Again


Oh I have so much to say!!!! But I definitely don't want to bore you with my ramblings! Anyways, today is the last day back in college after a rainy spring break back home. I'm happy to come back--but I really don't want to start classes. I took these quick outfit shots early in the morning because I know I have a busy rest of the day.

Over the spring break, as I stuffed myself with delicious food I had my heartbroken--I'm being a drama queen--but three different people (in the same day) told me they could have sworn I wasn't older than 15. That's ok, except I'm turning 20 in May. Height definitely doesn't help--so I have decided on wearing heels more often, hoping that that helps.

Also-I have  been planning to cut my hair AGAIN, I know it's super soon, but my hair grows fast and now I actually have to comb my short hair so it doesn't tangle. This time though I think I want to go shorter--pixie cut style.  Maybe by next week you'll see me with different hair! What do you think?

And how was your spring break? Or the first week of classes if you're back!


This one is an outtake but for some reason I like it :)



  1. so lovely, that skirt is adorable & I love the gorgeous floral pattern. Looking forward to seeing your hair too, how exciting. xx veronika

  2. The print of that skirt is to die for, and the shoes are adorable, as well. Good luck with your hair! A lot of my friends have gone short recently and I'm very jealous - wish I were brave enough to give it ago.

  3. you look cute! people never think im 24 lol.

  4. This outfit is so lovely, the colours are just the prettiest :D

  5. I love the colours of the outfit! The skirt is so cute! Can't wait to see your new hair!

  6. You are gorgeous! And really, I have such a crush on your hair.

    I'm back in classes as well.. and it sucks. I'm not used to waking up!!

  7. Lovely skirt :)


  8. Love your floral skirt looks great with that bright shirt :)


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