Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA. I honestly have been trying do like 4 billion things at the same time.
But I'm back for today! The weather is back to being darker, not that cold, (although 5 minutes later you see a glimpse of warm beautiful sun. i never get this weather!).
I was thinking of the reason why I started blogging, and I think I could pin it down to being comfortable in my own skin, not so much about how I am perceived, it is more of a self-expression.

This weekend was well spent among friends, lots of laughing and good times; Sunday's Global Village at my school--which is pretty much a celebration of multiculturalism--was really fun (and I got a henna tattoo because I'm tough like that, haha, really though I just think they are beautiful).

I apologize for how I jump from topic to topic, but I am writing this while taking a quick break from all my work
And before I forget, the winner of the Tulle Skirt Giveaway is: Caitlin from Daily Dose of Dress!


outfit: dress: delia's cardi: old navy scarf: thrifted!!!!!


  1. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
    that dress is so feminine and beautiful and everything good in this world! haha
    i am loving the lace.

    it's freezing back in toronto today! brr. i heard it snowed here on the weekend, luckily i got a break and was down in washington DC for 5 days!

    talk soon wild child

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  2. wonderful photos! xoxo

  3. Love the scarf and the textures of this look. Don't worry about blogging breaks. I am a big believer that life should get in the way of blogging, and not the other way around. XO

  4. i love that dress!! and i am so excited that i won!!!

  5. that is a wonderful laced dress :)

    xxx London & Paris

  6. Pretty outfit, this dress is adorable :)

  7. your dress is beautiful. Love it with the scarf.

    love, kimi

  8. I've been so busy as well! Must be this time of year.

    You are a vision, and I love this dress on you. xo

  9. cute outfit<3 love ur scarf ;)

  10. You look so pretty!!!! I love your pretty lace dress =) Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!

  11. Aw, I feel ya there...I've been insanely busy too. I must say, I always wanted to buy that dress. It is so dear and one of my favorites from Dahlia...I wish I would have bought, as it is absolutely amazing on you. I love how you paired it up w/ the blazer and scarf - so pretty!! - oh and you are so sweet so include me in your post above ...seriously made me smile:) Have a lovely Sunday darling! xx Marisa

  12. You look so cute! I LOVE your dress, and that scarf is so pretty! :)

  13. Love the dress so cute and girly!



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