Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Restless nights

I've been in a kind of stump for the last few days. I honestly just want to sit under the sun, eating pretzels and cheese while listening to Fleet Foxes. Something like that. I can't wait for summer to get here so I can go back home and just relax without having to think about the next meeting or assignment for which I will sacrifice sleep. But in any case I am happy that the sun is shinning brightly!! Love days like this!

I love this soft colored pink dress but I hardly wear it because 1. it's a bit on the short side 2. weather needs to warm up more.

I have also been considering getting a Holga camera, something about taking pictures the old way is calling me right now. And I have been in the mood to start a scrapbook. What better way than to put wonderful pictures.  But until my wallet magically produces money for all the fun projects I have in mind I'm just gonna have to wait. 

outfit: dress:urban 1972 cardi: forever 21 belt: thrifted


  1. Cute dress!

  2. ooh love the Holga camera it takes such cool pictures!! And I'm loving this gorgeous dress on you Laura, it's such an adorable fit. x veronika

  3. Aww, you look soo cute! The dress looks great on you. Those shoes are hot :)

  4. Laura! I have a holga camera and it has been collecting dust for the past few months.. you make me feel like taking pictures again!

    i love the color of your dress and your shoes!


  5. I've been doing nothing but eating pretzels these days, too!! (especially those snyder of hanover flavored pretzel bits? Omg...) Love that Helga camera, too! I am all excited about this vintage photography thing- it's just too cool!!

    That dress is really cute- I'd say that soft pink is definitely your color. x

  6. i've been feeling the same way recently, too. i just want to wear shorts and a tee and lounge outside! you should totally get a holga - check ebay for some of the reproduction ones, they're around $10.

  7. you are so beautiful and adorable and I just love the way you dress and your hair :D

  8. I've been in a rut lately as well! Summer is fast approaching, and maybe the sun will reawaken us.


  9. I know how you feel about the film camera! I have yet to get mine developed. Although I now remember why digital was so exciting (No more forgetting to get the film in!)

    This outfit really screams summer to me. So warm and soft looking! Perfect to soak in the sun. Which as my mom so nicely pointed out to me, I am in desperate need of!



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