Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Romances Me

Saturday was a really different day! I got to work with Habitat for Humanity for my management class. It was such a nice experience! I hope to show some pictures here as soon as I get them! I had such a good time, and came back home with paint of my jeans and an awesome feeling of having done something good.
The only bad thing about this weekend was that I had TONS of reading to do but the weather was soooo nice it makes me want to do something fun! So in an attempt to be both productive and enjoy the sun, I sat outside with all the existentialist reading I had to do for class.
Also, I think I will be doing my first giveaway pretty soon :)

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! and welcome to my new follower :) it makes me all fuzzy inside whenever I have a new follower :)

this was my outfit on Friday:


outfit: blouse: thrifted skirt: forever 21 shoes: thrifted


  1. I love this outfit! You look so cute. Isn't Habitat for Humanity amazing? I try to volunteer for them at least 1 week a year. Glad your experience with them has been just as fulfilling!

  2. What a lovely spring look. I'm absolutely loving that blouse, it's SO adorable. Ahhh, can't wait for your first giveaway too. xx veronika

  3. oh i love your blouse and your sunnies!! such a perfect look for spring!

  4. Great outfit, sounds like a lovely weekend
    forever chic

  5. yay! i work at habitat for humanity and i love it too! and i love your shoes. anddd i can't wait for your giveaway!

  6. I've been stocking up on button-up skirts for spring and summer and your skirt is just so cute! I love your blouse too! Very cute outfit! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  7. You're making me desperately want a button down skirt and a floral button down top, dearie. You look cuter than a button! And I LOVE your glasses!

  8. This outfit shows that simple is AWESOME. I am in love with that skirt!

  9. love your outfit! so simple and bright!

  10. such a cute outfit, I love that shirt


  11. great cute.

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  12. I love that blouse! I'm planning on rocking blouses like that all summer if possible!

  13. your blouse is great. I think I'll never get how people manage to pull this buttoned up look off. you definitely do. mysterious.

    love, kimi

  14. Wonderful outfit! I love that skirt with those cute buttons. And that blouse is such an amazing find, especially for the warmer weather. I hate it when I have tons of reading over the weekend. I hope you got it all done (or at least most of it done :-) xoxo

  15. love those shades :) this spring is all about sunglasses to me for some reason.

  16. You look so lovely! I adore the soft colors in this outfit, and that little floral pattern on your blouse is too cute :)


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