Friday, May 6, 2011

Blogger of The Month

 I know I am a little late with this month's blogger of the month, but I want to present one of my favorite bloggers for my birthday month of May! 
Maggie from Lifesize Paperdoll!


1) Facts about Maggie:
My full name is Margaret Grace Mattinson, named after my great grandmothers who I owe my 59 inches of stature and rear end. If there's anything I believe in, it's the power of persistence and love and the phrase "life goes on." I'm madly in love with in the most real sense: fairytales not with Prince Charming, but your best friend, happy endings that never end, magic in just doing the dishes together. Call me naiive, but from what I've learned so far, I've decided to treat every moment like it's a treasure I'll never get back. My favorite things are writing, blogging, books, Taylor Swift, my sister, and dresses!

The one thing I can't live without are my leather lace up boots that Niklaas, my photographer and friendboy, got me for graduation. I wear them all year long!

I have this ridiculous and slightly unrealistic fantasy that someday, I'm going to publish this book. A book about real people and real experiences. The people who tore me down and made me into me. And I'm going to come home to the town where it all happened and see it on the shelves of Hastings and run into that ex-best friend of mine that I called out and the first boy I ever loved that i wrote that book about. Oh, and Taylor Swift would read it and we would become best friends.

I would love to have Kate's closet. Her clothes are so  unique and you won't find another Kate in the entire world! I love her to pieces! Also, and it's not just because of the fact that I am literally obsessed with her, I am in love with Taylor Swift's wardrobe. She has the best dresses and shoes!



  1. She has great style! Great interview!! :) xxxx

  2. She is wonderful! I especially love the first photograph - I love cut out backs!


  3. Fabulous choice!! Love Maggie and her style is absolutely adorable. xx veronika


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