Monday, November 15, 2010

Lacy Dreams

So last friday afternoon, my "Laura Lace Dress" came as an omen of goodness!! But I decided not to wear it until today because all i did this weekend was stay in my room and waddle in my misery (all that homework i should be doing!)
I know for sure that this week is going to be hell!! I can't wait for thanksgiving break and spending some time with my family eating some delicious food.
Holidays are the best because it gives you time to take a breathe and forget a little about all the stress of life.
The horrible thing is that this time, my holiday will be spent trying to catch up with all my studying--some last minute cramming of information!

So this is my outfit post for today, with my super comfy dress! Delias really stole my heart!

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  1. :o me too!!! im gonna make it my goal to get a food coma within the 10 seconds it takes me to get from the fridge to the floor when i get home :) , yay for cramming info. :) !!!!!


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