Friday, November 26, 2010

The Next Holiday!

Thanksgiving just passed! I must say it wasn't as nice as past thanksgiving, but at least I was able to spend some time with family, and no matter how dysfunctional family might be, they are still a great part of your life.
But this thanksgiving, I spent lots of time with my two little nephews. Well, a really little one, and a younger one.
unfortunately, i committed a great sin...i did not take my camera.
So forgive the horrible quality of cell phone pictures.
But now I'm more than ready for the next holiday, the one before Christmas: THE DAY AFTER FINALS.
right after that, I can truly enjoy the Christmas spirit :)

Love, Laura


  1. lol yay i love that after finals holiday, its almost as fun as the moment before you enter a food comma :-o


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