Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not As Ready

Thanksgiving break is over, and i have to come back to the drudgery of school life for about two weeks, which would not be as bad except for the fact that I have a final for all my classes. It's truly a conspiracy and I'm not even half ready!!!!! The last days of thanksgiving break I went thrifting! I'm a happy child for that! I got some cute clothes: some more for spring, some that I am planning to wear in these two weeks! Winter weather calls for cute clothes too!

For now though, I want to share a movement that I think is important and beautiful. These are times to show our solidarity to those most in need. And right now is time to think about the undocumented students that fight so hard to get an education and even serve in our country's military. So let's take a minute to support the cause for the dreamers. In case anyone is unclear about what the Dream Act is, it would be worth checking this site out:
Inform yourself :)

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  1. yay! support the DREAM :) yessss winter also calls for snails :-o


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