Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sun and pretty songs

It's fall, but we had a beautiful sunny day today. I LOVE sunny days. :)
I must say, however, that although it was a pretty day not everything came out as nicely as i would have liked.

Things that were good:
1. sun!
2. had a mocha frappe
3. had a wonderful conversation with my coworker
4. had a whole half hour (if not more) of speaking French, Spanish, Arabic--listening to Chinese and Tagalog with my friends!

Things that weren't good:
1. Headache for most of the day
2. Sunny side up eggs that weren't sunny-side-up :(
3. Accounting midterm (for which i studied and still blanked out)
4. headache continues
5. realizes i have about 60 pages worth of essay due next week
6. Must do homework right after this post

Oh how the sun shines!
baby blue

 So before I go to be tortured by my workload, I'll leave this post with a beautiful song that makes me want to jump around in a cute dress au champs elysee!

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  1. :o what about ... umm that tomorrow is friday!!! or umm... 1 day closer to thanks giving break... or umm :o we saw a baby squirrel !!!! or ..... no nvrmd it still sucked :(


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