Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Being a broke college student doesn't make shopping easy-It makes it virtually impossible.
but because the holidays are coming, I'm in the mood of creating my dream wish list (although i won't be seeing these items under my tree)

but since i can't buy the things i can be happy with admiring.
and sharing, what things are in your dream wish list?

Laura's Dream Wish List:

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  1. Santa: :o laura uve been a bad girl this year laura, bad!!
    Laura: (whimper)
    Mrs. Clause aka Jon salim aka giggles aka Captain Spunk: ur moms been
    bad to laura.... but she can come over if she wants to make it up to
    Mario: :o ...... u mean... she gets to help make toys???
    Cheska: u know what ur mom helps me make?

    Santa: why do i try ???
    Laura: jon face >.<


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