Sunday, November 7, 2010

The things you do

This weekend was supposed to be a super mega productive week..but the truth is I have hardly gotten anything done. For some weird and unexplainable reason I just don't feel like my brain is processing any of the material I'm supposed to be studying. So instead of finishing my accounting chapter, I am here writing a blog.

So what happened today,
Russell and I compared our feet and hands

Then, as I attempted to return to homework we decided to go get frozen yogurt (and i stained my white pants with chocolate syrup)

and now, i have something i want to add to my wishlist: 
so if someone has about $1000 that they want to donate to the "laura fund" please do 

and tomorrow I'm looking forward to the Etiquette dinner my dear Cheska and Brenna are hosting, just an excuse to dress up and look fancy!!

Oh if only I had no homework!!

Love, Laura


  1. hella unproductive weekend lol, im totally donating to the LDF (lauras dream foundation)... how far can 50 cents take u lol jk yay macs!!!!

  2. definitely 50 cents will take me far :/

  3. Laura! I have a wish list too and the laptop is one of them too! It's ok, we can keep dreaming and hoping and maybe one of these days we'll wake up to see them sitting right in front of us. Sigh* Dream big! We never know what's going to happen!

    Much love,
    memesi :)


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