Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Is For Floral Things

It has been tooooo cold for the past days. Way too cold. I am missing the spring and summer days a lot and winter hasn't even officially started! I had such a good Cyber Monday yesterday!!!! TULLE is the best! They have the cutest clothes and what I consider to be the best Cyber Monday Offers ever!!!!! I will keep that in mind for next year if I am still alive.

Yesterday I didn't want to let the cold prevent me from wearing my favorite floral romper. So, I wore it!!!
Nothing better than a romper with some warm tights, a scarf and a blazer!

scarf: gift from mom
blazer: thrifted
romper: dd's discount
tights: some little store near my house

Love, Laura


  1. You became a little fashionista! I would look like crap compared to you right now..LOL

  2. yeah compared to u i look homeless, ooooooh romper is a fun word. yay i can call you Ms. Romper :-o


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