Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Like Water

 Today I ventured outside the coziness of my house to take some outfit photos while the rain was a bit calm. To my luck--or lack of--it started pouring just minutes after I stepped outside, and I somehow broke my mom's umbrella. oops. I'll have some explaining to do. So the front of my house and the alley behind ended up being as far as i went. Good thing, I still got to snap some pictures :)

This Monday marks the beginning of my second weak of  break, and I must say it feels good to be home drinking hot cocoa or enjoying the soups my mom makes. How I will miss that once my three weeks of break are over!

blue coat: from mom's closet
bow belt: gift from mom
polka dot dress: thrifted
leggings: forever 21
boots: target

paisley scarf: thrifted


  1. lol i thought nothing would make u voluntarily go in the rain, nostradamus didnt see this coming either lol

  2. Cute outfit, hun. I love how curly you hair is. Its so cute, I wish mine did that naturally.


  3. aw thank you so much!!! its hard sometimes keeping up with my hair sometimes :)


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