Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Showers and Real Showers

Yesterday was the day my fam had been preparing for: Fatima's surprise baby shower.
It was wonderful! We had so much family fun and she was oh, so surprised!!! Mom and I got to my cousin's  house early to start preparing, (and with the rain pouring down, it was impossible to keep my unruly hair in place!)

Gerardo, Josue, and Me (and the baby shower cake!)
Kevin--as silly as ever--, Josue, and Me
and no post of a baby shower is complete with out a picture of the mom!
Congratulations Fatima and soon to be born baby Camila!!!!
(sorry for the lighting, or lack of)

and my one featured item: the paisley scarf (thrifted)
Love, Laura

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  1. Love the family lovin' here! Glad to see you're having a rocking time :)


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