Sunday, December 26, 2010


First of all, thanks to all my wonderful readers for their comments, many hugs to all of you!!!
 Christmas has come and passed! I just got home from spending the weekend with my family, I must say that it was great! The food was delicious and I spend time with my cousins (nephews, but we grew up as cousins). We danced the night away, all the way until midnight, opened some presents, and dropped dead in sleep!
We took a trip early to the mall and some vintage semi-yard sale, and took a little trip to Hollywood just for fun.

I don't have outfit posts for this weekend, so sorry. My laptop is currently with the "computer doctor," so I will be using my mom's for a while. (Which means, not too much)
I will post some pictures as soon as I can!

How was you guy's Christmas? Do tell!!! I would LOVE to hear!


  1. Mucho love to you girl! I enjoyed being blog buddies and even twitter buddies with you :) Enjoy the rest of your break and let's boom it this coming new year 2011!

  2. many hugs to u!!!!!!!! for being the bestest blogging n twitter buddy!


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