Friday, December 24, 2010

Jingle Bell Rock

It's that time of the year! And although I can't call it a White Christmas, it's Christmas nonetheless. This is perhaps one of my favorite holidays because it has so many dear childhood memories for me! Once December starts my playlist switches from my usual music to a collection of Christmas carols.
In a past post I had talked about considering wearing a blue dress for Christmas, but two things happened to defer me from that.
1. Mom insisted that the "lucky" color to wear for Christmas is red
2. I looked at my closet and found this piece that I have not worn!
Must be the Fashion Christmas Spirit talking to me!

Merry Christmas!

Coat: Ross
Dress: thrifted
leggings: forever 21
shoes: thrifted


  1. I have such similar shoes!!! haha.
    Lovely outfit. =o)

  2. Gosh I wish we had a Ross around my hometown. My friend has a whole wardrobe from there cause she is from down south and its all so cute. You look lovely here hun. Have a happy holiday!


  3. Hmm i also switch music around this time to more slow piano music instead of my usual fast beat indie music style (not sad slow piano music, good kind). From this image i can tell that you are not bigger than 5 feet lol. You blog alot i need to keep up but i lag in ideas of things to write lol


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