Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sometimes you just need time to relax, pursue the things you want. It's almost like reinventing oneself in the midst of our hectic lives. yes, I'm feeling a little philosophical! but that's ok, I'm taking a small break from what I really should be doing (preparing more stuff for Saturday's baby shower!) I am glad to have things to do (and that don't require hard-core studying, at least for three weeks) Sometimes we just need time with the family! I've  been enjoying days of wonderful cooking and laughter, as well as days of just doing simple housework or taking care of plants. But it's those simple things that stay with us throughout. And those are the simple things that I love the most about being home!

I feel that this post is going all over the place now. Must be what happens to the brain after a quarter of stress!
Yesterday mom and I went on to run some errands and such, and wanting to be comfortable I wore this super comfy shirt I bought on my thrifting expeditions! Colors remind me a bit of summer: sailors and such, but the long sleeves are a nice thing to have in colder days!

Shirt: thrifted
jeggings: forever 21
shoes: thrifted
locket necklace: little store from downtown LA


  1. the simple things make up the special moments <3 i love the locket:)

  2. .... i feel like this deserves a maniacal laughter....muahahahahahahahaha... je ne sais pas.

  3. @cheska: so true. the best moments :)
    @mario: u lost ur head! lol

  4. LOVE your style!!

  5. simple things are the best. love this girl!

    "But it's those simple things that stay with us throughout."


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