Friday, December 17, 2010

In the Open

The rain is coming, or so the forecast said. I will miss the pretty sun very much! I'm not too much into the cold weather, maybe because it creates disasters with my hair (which will mean a lot of poof--yes, even more--and wearing buns or such). Even though the cold makes me a bit uncomfortable, I still like that the holidays that call for the family to come all together happen during winter. It's as if the weather was telling everyone to come close and share a cup of hot cocoa :)

But to say good bye to the last of semi-blue skies (and before the rain drops on me) I ventured outside to take some pictures. This dress I bought last summer with the intention of over-wearing it, its so comfortable and flows so nicely! But I ended up packing it with some clothes that stayed home instead of going with me to my college place. So today I decided to wear the dress in the "memory of" the summer that now is gone. Welcome colder days!

Dress: thrifted
cardigan: old navy
shoes: thrifted
car: Cadillac :)


  1. I totally heart the shoes. Actually, the whole outfit is pretty awesome!!

  2. hey thanks for the comment and sweet words! i love your dress here, and your hair is amazing! seriously. :)

    have a great day!
    xx elanor


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