Friday, January 7, 2011

Same but Different

Today is Friday!!!!!!!! I am so happy that this week is over, even though I realized that I have so much homework for this weekend! But I could not let this week end without an outfit post!
The weather today was quite cold, and I am still a bit sick so I've really gravitated to layers and cozy clothes.

I also love that today I was able to spend some girl-time with my friend while looking at the city from the tallest building on campus.

I wore this outfit in the morning, and coming back from class decided to switch the skirt for black tights and socks. I loved that I wore "two" outfits, without much work--and both were comfortable. Experimenting is not always bad :)

striped shirt dress: thrifted
skirt: f21
cream tights: f21
black tights: f21
socks: f21

cardigan: old navy


  1. lol u guys went to swig right when the earthquake happened, :-o i woulda jumped lol jk. gosh laura u always manage to make us look like hobos walking next to u lol, jk (not really)

  2. Love that skirt! Please follow me :D

  3. Both looks are very pretty. I adore the skirt:)


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