Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Rose

These couple of days have been a bit crazy. I hate having to figure out my schedule for my classes when the one class I need is full and I can't get in it. But now that I've settled that--and while I get my work hours scheduled around my "new schedule"  (that's a lot of "schedules" in this post)  I decided to make a new outfit post! The beginning of a new quarter always stresses me out--and not because of homework-- but because I have to get used to the routine again. Oh how I miss the winter break days of being at home without homework or classes to worry about!

So I'll leave you guys now, I have to get going to my first day of Asian American Literature--my only non-business class this quarter!

Cardigan: old navy
blouse: thrifted
shorts: forever 21
tights: forever 21
shoes: Cinderella of  Boston

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