Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

So the long weekend came and went. I must say it was such a relaxing time, I hope to have another long weekend soon.
Here's a little recap of what I did over the weekend:
1. Straightened my hair
2. Got pizza with friends
3. late-night frozen yogurt run: the best
4. had a bike lesson and learned to ride--I just need to start correctly (thank you Blair!)

Now that the weekend is gone, I finally have an outfit post for you guys! Sorry for the delay :)
These pics were taken before my first class,it's such a comfortable outfit for the not-too-warm not-to-cold days. thanks to Mario once again
I've always wanted to wear my hair in a loose braid, but with my curly hair that kind of doesn't happen.

cardigan: target
shorts: thrifted
leggings: f21
shoes: ebay
purse: thrifted

hat: f21


  1. Adorable outfit! Your hair is gorgeous and looks so cute with the hat:)

  2. Your adorable! I want that hat :D


  3. I want those shoes!! They are insanely cute. I love your hat too- I think we may have the same one:)

  4. i have the same jacket as yours but mine is gray. i got it from a different store but it looks exactly the same. so pretty! :-)



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