Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should I?

I have been considering a couple of changes in my life. Some have to do with the blog, some are just for me.
So I want to share some things with you guys or maybe you guys can give me some ideas!

--I definitely want to make this more interesting, I've been thinking of giveaways, or blogger interviews. I have a whole plan written out, but I also don't have much time. So share ideas!!
--I've been thinking of (drum roll) cutting my hair. It's kind of hard to manage my unruly main sometimes. And I've had long hair for quite a while now. I don't know. Besides, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie Clark's style. What do you think?  
Annie Clark
--Scrapbook? Another thing I always wanted to do but haven't quite found the time, or the will to do it. I think it would be an interesting idea. And I've been talking to some friends about it. Maybe it would be a nice thing to do!



  1. That hair cut is super cute~! i dig it. :)

  2. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  3. you've got some great ideas.. I need to make some changes to my blog as well I am just so lazy.. your blog is great though. take a look at mine.. if you follow me i'll return the love.. Season.✝ x

  4. Oh I really love your blog! It is truly adorable :)

  5. The hair cut might look nice on her but theres a few things you need to consider before cutting your hair that way.
    1) face structure:
    -People with round faces (like me) shouldn't cut their hair short...believe me, I learned that the hard way...it makes your face look rounder and it makes your cheeks look fuller...not such a good thing..I think your face might not be as round as mine, but put that into consideration...
    2) the texture of your hair
    -Annie Clark has loose curls compared to yours...remember, your curls are really tight from what I remember... so if you cut it that short it might look a little different and shorter.

    I say, don't cut it too short...lol

  6. Go for a short cut! I cut my hair just after the new year and it is so liberating!

  7. She looks like a doll so I am fully backing your hair cutting idea :)



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