Monday, January 3, 2011

Here We Go Again

Good morning everyone! (or afternoon depending when you guys are reading this!) Today is officially the first day of school--and what's best than wearing a comfy outfit to the first day of stress!
I am glad to be back but I also already miss my family and I definitely don't want to start with homework and studying! The stress-free days of winter break will be missed greatly!
I really have to thank my family for driving me up to my "home". The weather was so terrible and they were caught in a snow storm on their way back (Yes, in socal--I am completely amazed). Many hugs to them for arriving safely!!!

A couple of things about today:
1. it is wonderfully sunny outside! a bit cold but sunny!
2.  Three classes for today! Let's see how that
3. Got wonderful earrings and is finally wearing them!
Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had wonderful holidays! And tell me about your day!

purse: thrifted
cardi: old navy
shirt: target (cut it myself  :) )
leggins: f21
shorts: thrifted
shoes: thrifted
earings: thrifted


  1. Great post! Thanks for your IFB post, I'm following you now!

    xx. VLM.

  2. Your shorts are fantastic! I love this outfit!

    KF x

  3. Aw this is adorable. I love the shorts and that necklace is gorgeous! Following you now:) xx Marisa


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