Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where is my mind?

I don't know if it's because I'm a little sick or what, but I woke up today to the most horrible "fashion block". I literally looked at my closet for the longest time ever, and still didn't know what to wear.
I also realized a couple of things:
1. I lack socks.
2. I have a lot of shades of blue in my wardrobe

Anyhow, although I don't have an outfit post for today, I want to share some beautiful vintage decor pictures that I've found while "surfing the web". This follows my past post on my dream house. Someday someday!!! What are you guys' ideas for your "dream house"?

Also, I am dying for this ZARA bag, it is absolutely beautiful! But I have to buy everything else that's necessary for this quarter before I can take some money for the things that I don't need but really want!
pictures from Shabby Chic, bag from


  1. Laura, they're all white! XD
    If you want a white house, be prepared for all that
    I prefer light bright colors such as, (yup you guessed it) GREEN! lol

  2. i dnt think theres enough white lol. omg chess told me u tried wlking into ur closet looking for clothes like if it were narnia, sau hi to azlan for me :).


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